BRUMA - The Flowing Art

Bruma, whose origins date back to 1953, has several collections, with various styles – produces over 30 models of faucets, and is one of the largest Portuguese companies in this industry. Recognized in the market for the quality of its products, Bruma is also concerned with the environment, as it makes a greater use of ecological models. In 2007, the brand’s efforts were acknowledged when it was given an award for its role as the world’s first manufacturer of faucets made of Ecobrass® (lead-free brass).

After decades of experience, Bruma has positioned itself and its emphasis on design as a distinctive value, thereby giving rise to its internationalization.

Bruma has a special taps collection aimed at developing technologically advanced products with a distinguishing design. Created with a personality able to conquer the loyalty of the consumer, and overcoming the challenge of innovation and differentiation, Bruma has drawn its inspiration from its surroundings, while researching into technical solutions with design, thus precisely reflecting the time and place of this collection. With the strategy and creative vision of the designers, Bruma seek to improve the functional ergonomics and visual aspects, in order to meet your needs and by verifying its quality, functionality, and everything that ensures the perfection of the products.Bruma wish to bring innovation to your life.