About Us

Established since 1986, MAJUHOME Concept has been one of the favorite brands when it comes to furniture shopping, being well known for latest products that are of good quality and of trendy design.  Now, we are proud to be one of the largest furniture solution providers in Malaysia, providing our customers the luxury of getting all-inclusive furniture shopping experience in an enormous showcase, ONE STOP under one roof.  MAJUHOME Concept was also awarded the prestigious BRAND LAURETTE "Best brand in total furniture solution" award in 2019.

It all started with a concept, offering our valued customers to experience and to explore a wide range of furniture selections with various designs and styles that cater to different taste and style for every Malaysian home and residence.  Accordingly, this concept has become our vision to create a more convenient and efficient shopping experience for all.  Pampering our customers with the mass variety of choices for every space of their home ranging from living room and dining furniture to beddings, kitchen and baths appliances, as well as tasteful home decorative accessories and unique children specialty furniture. To add to the list, we also provide latest office furniture solutions for modern office and home office.  We are humble and fortunate to be one of the first to achieve this in Kuala Lumpur.

At MAJUHOME Concept, a good balance of quality furniture with affordable price and diversity means the world to us.  Our passion for keeping promises to all our stakeholders has since taken us to the summit, but it is the adamancy of keeping ourselves at the highest standard sets us apart.

In our showroom, innovative display concept and showcases allow us to reflect customers ‘dream home’ into reality.  It is an ever-evolving process and we are always exploring for creative and innovative ideas to bring the best out of our products for our customers.  And this practice has continued to drive us to evolve with times, moving away from being a traditional favorite local furniture mall into being a revolutionized new concept furniture and lifestyle store.  We are passionate about providing great home furnishing ideas and solutions for the Malaysian homes and offices that cater to every customer’s different taste and lifestyle because we believe everyone is unique and special.  And by living up to our slogan – “Redefining Lifestyle, Your Way”, we put our heads and hearts into our business to deliver that promise.

HQ based at Setapak, the first retail showroom, MAJUHOME Concept has then boasted of our flagship showcase gallery at USJ Mall opened in 2010, a tastefully furnished 3-storey building.  USJ Mall which is true to our motto of being a “One Stop Furniture & Lifestyle Concept Mall”.  And now for the first time, we are bringing this mega-scaled furniture and lifestyle gallery concept to a shopping mall environment at Citta Mall, Sanctuary Mall and two showrooms at The Curve with a total of more than 250,000 square feet of gallery spaces in 6 showrooms, MAJUHOME Concept seeks to venture into new horizons and market segments to cater for more customers and consumers with different taste and needs.

We got it right in 1986 and, and over the history of more than 30 years, our persistence and determination to deliver our promise have continued to lead us into a new milestone in our businesses.  Thanks to the loyalty and support of our customers and the Malaysian consumers, MAJUHOME Concept will continue to be the leading choice in modern home furnishing business.  For us at MAJUHOME Concept, we believe that a business that is done with passion and heart will continue to endure the test of time, decades after decades.



Alex Yoong is the Malaysian icon in the international racing arena, predominantly marking himself as the First Malaysian racer in the Formula One (F1) circuit.  As a Malaysian pride, Alex Yoong is the perfect example of a true man with strong vision, daring dreams, never give up and possess never-ending desire and aspiration to pursue his goals, dedicated and committed to succeed in his field.  And in his personal side of life, he has continued to position himself as a young person with unique personalities, charisma and sophisticated fashion taste for finer things in life and most importantly a quality life with his family and loved ones. 

The same ideology is reflected in the way how MAJUHOME Concept operates our business.  Over the period of the past 30 years, MAJUHOME Concept has continued to pledge itself to do better and go the extra mile to lead in the Malaysian furniture and home furnishing industry.  It is with the same passion that we have for what we love to do in our business, and putting all our hearts and mind into whatever we do, with only one goal to provide the best home furnishing and lifestyle solutions for Malaysian homes and offices.

It is with this same aspiration and dedication that we shared with Alex Yoong, that hopefully one day in the not-so-distant future, MAJUHOME Concept will continue to excel only within our home front, but also become stronger to make it to the international arena of our business and become another proud Malaysian made pride that Malaysians will be proud of.