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    Sleep like royalty on a KING KOIL mattress. The brand has been making quality, comfortable, and high-value mattresses for over a century. From spring mattresses to foam, latex, and many more, each mattress is designed with the latest technology to provide you with the perfect sleeping experience. KING KOIL is renowned for its reputation as the only doctor endorsed mattress for a good night's sleep.
    21 products
    KING KOIL LHC300 Bed
    from RM2,919.00
    KING KOIL LHC301 Bed
    from RM2,809.00
    KING KOIL LHC302 Bed
    from RM2,479.00
    KING KOIL LHC303 Bed
    from RM2,149.00
    KING KOIL Luxury Rest Mattress
    from RM3,419.00
    KING KOIL Luxury Gentle Mattress
    from RM4,939.00
    KING KOIL Luxury Support Matress
    from RM3,819.00
    KING KOIL Luxury Qi-Cool Firm Mattress
    from RM5,379.00
    KING KOIL Luxury Qi-Cool Comfort Mattress
    from RM5,979.00
    King Koil Tri-Fold Nature Fiber Mattress
    King Koil OXFORD DELUXE Set Mattress
    from RM2,199.00
    King Koil PROTECT-A-BED BASIC Waterproof Mattress Protector
    from RM130.00
    King Koil DELUXE SUITES Mattress
    from RM2,779.00
    King Koil HOSPITALITY SUITES Mattress
    from RM3,109.00
    King Koil GOLDEN SUITES Mattress
    from RM3,989.00
    King Koil SULTAN SUITES Mattress
    from RM5,139.00
    King Koil Kids Transform Full Bedset
    King Koil ZENERGY Premier Mattress
    from RM7,939.00
    King Koil ZENERGY Luxurious Mattress
    from RM5,879.00
    King Koil PREMIER Deluxe Mattress
    from RM3,179.00
    King Koil EMPIRE Comfort Mattress
    from RM3,549.00